Thursday, January 19, 2006

20th High School Reunion

20th High School Reunion
Originally uploaded by WillaNurse.
This was me at my 20th High School Reunion..The only photo of myself that I have ever liked! This will be the photo in my Memorial Service Program! I don't care if I die at 120.. use this photo! Are you hearing me everybody???


David Wilson said...

delightful! I like your 'journal' panels very much, evocative, lovely, a good friend of mine is another nurse called Willa on Vancouver Island in Canada, you seem to share some good qualities with her, thanks for your blog

Allison said...

She's a babe, that's all there is to it...Go, Girl!

Thelma said...

Hi Willa,
So nice to put a face with the person you chat with. Really enjoy looking at your blog. You are so very talented.