Saturday, April 19, 2008

Roomie Block for Omaha Crazy Quilt

Each year a group of us share a room at the Crazy Quilt Retreat in Omaha. There is an auction for which we each make a block that goes into a crazyquilt that is auctioned off for ACS and for scholarships to the retreat. Kate pieces the blocks and sends them to us to embellish. This was my block!


Allison Ann Aller said...

Love your style, Willa.
The only problem is, everytime I read about you gals all getting together in Omaha it makes me want to cry!

sharonb said...

Hi Willa - just wanted to wave from down under (becuae I have not done so for an age) and to say nice block

donnag said...

Willa, I love this block!

You won the Amish Chatelaine and now I need your address so she can come and live with you.

Donna Godfrey

Wendy said...

ooooo I totally love this block. I so love the colors and the butterfly is so stunning and perfect for the block.

Thelma said...

Very lovely block Willa!!