Saturday, July 26, 2008

Omaha! Another great year!

Our motley crew at the Village Inn In Omaha Nebraska. In some of the photos are the donations quilts many of you contributed to!

By now you have read the posts of some of my other Omaha buddies, Mona Berning, Karen South, Kate Hollifield. I also took a few pictures to share. There will be more on my Flickr site but a few here for the sampling! We always make at least one or 5 trips to The Village Inn. Kate makes us go by "needlepoint" so she can get PIE! I am not in the photos because I am taking the photos. Me and the camera.. NOT FRIENDS!

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solange bonnet said...

You are so very talented.
Superbe travaux, j'adore ce blog. A bientôt