Sunday, February 22, 2009

Starting the process

I really did not have a plan for the jars other than to put in stuff that I am always digging for. So as I go through the drawers I think a plan is emerging. I have put stamps, trims, gold threads(my fave to use), packaged embellishments, beads on a string, ribbons, etc... we will see how that goes...


Pat Winter said...

Willa, it is a wonderful start. Your jars of stash look so inviting on the shelves.So convenient too. Thanks for sharing.

Ira said...

Great idea and happy sorting. You start the spring cleaning very early. Now you will found a lots of objects in you home. It reallu like to buy new things.

Rengin Yazitas said...

I'm coming there to play with your new toys.
Oh, all those lovely stuff are visible in those jars, you won't waste time to look for them.