Thursday, May 14, 2009

Breast Cancer Block

This is a block I am currently working on. It needs something else and I am waiting for the inspiration. I also need to do a little frog stitching and re-doing on it..and some additonal beading. It is for a breast cancer quilt that a group of ladies are working on.


FredaB said...

Hi willa

This is turning into a really pretty block. Love the colors. Sorry we cidn't get to have lunch but time just disappears on us as you know.

Carol is coming to Omaha and is going to be my roomate. We are both going Thurs. and leaving Sun.

AA did me wrong. Just got a message that they changed my sunday flight from 7 something to 4.40. will have to really scramble. Hope they have the shuttle service for us. The gal at the hotel said she thought they would.

See you then.



Thelma said...

Such a beautiful block Willa! Love the colors!

Sandi said...

Oh, this block is just beautiful. What a gift it will be in the breast cancer quilt. I hope you will share a photo of the finished quilt!