Sunday, February 14, 2010

Breast Cancer Block-Glad Press and Seal

I used the Glad Press and Seal to trace one of the seam treatments and then placed it on the block to stitch through. It works well but not easy to get off. :o)Used hemostats. I do the same thing with tracing paper and quilter's tape. Tracing paper is a little easier to get off. I just wanted to show what the technique looks like on my blog. I added little flowers and beads for a more finished look to the seam treatment.


Linda Smith said...

Very pretty. I haven't used press and seal yet, but it seems like a good thing,except for the part about getting the press and seal out.

Yvonne said...

Very interesting, Willa. It's nice to see that with your farming and your REAL gardening, and your job and your clothing sewing (or do you still do that!) you still have time for what we all love... fabric (whee!), thread (whee!), and goo-gaws (whee!).

I'm glad I found your blog again. You're now in my RSS feed, so I'll be able to get to your blog faster.

Willa said...

Yeah,that farming has got to GO! LOL! Back to the goo-gaws, I say.

I do make clothes. I am planning on making something and posting soon!