Saturday, October 04, 2008

The Almost Finished ORANGE Purse

I pieced this awhile ago and blogged it. It is now almost done.. a little handwork left to do! This was a baggie swap that was coordinated by Mona Berning. The bag belongs to Toni Engle.


Freda butler said...

Hi willa

We could take that bag to lunch and set some eyes a poppin.

Will be in Mt. Dora late Oct. and will get together for lunch I hope.

Great job all kidding aside.

Linda said...

Love thebag and love the fabric. Please share the the way the ladies have their own expression and your handles are so fitting. Beautiful Willa

Kimberly Snover said...

How stinkin cute, WIlla!! Almost makes me wish I joined. I would of, but too much om my plate this year. Maybe next time. I love animation. I want some of that fabrilc. ANd the poofy handle. How fun.
Kim, the crazy mountian girl

Sharkeysday said...

Oh I LOVE that! I'm an orange freak!