Sunday, November 16, 2008

What's a Toga?

I belong to a group called Treadleon which is a quiltropolis group. They collect, repair, rescue and restore antique treadle machines and handcranks. And the best thing is we sew with them. People that belong to the the group are a part of the community "Treadleonia" and they are called 'Onions'. As you can see we have fun with this obsession. The gatherings, which occur in many states across the country are called Togas which stands for Treadle On Gathering and Academy. These consist of show and tell, cameraderie, eating (of course) and buying, selling and trading of all things treadles! This includes, parts, cabinets, accessories, books, WHATEVER! Last weekend (Nov 8) the Lynn in Gainesville hosted the 2008 Florida Toga. I took along my friend d'Adjoa who HAD to have a treadle after spending the weekend with me after the Jacksonville QuiltFelt and seeing mine. We made blocks to trade on my Singer 99 Handcrank and it was off to the races. Pictures of the festivities follow:

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