Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My "Boho" Attempt

I have been following a couple of my internet friends who make these really awesome boho bags. I have a lot of upholstery remnants and scraps of trim so I decided to give it a shot. Incidently, my friend Stacy and I took a quick visit to Calico Corners ( a home dec fabric store) and low and behold they had all these scraps for a dollar a bag. There is exactly 3 dollars worth of trim on this purse and the fabric is a large remnant that was given to me by a decorator whose store was leaked upon by the 2004 hurricanes here in Florida. The fabric was fine but he couldn't sell it if it was wet at all so he just had me back my car up filled up the hatchback. The doilies are from my stash.. I pick them up here and there. Even the lining is a decorator remnant. The rose from from an estate sale. I want to make more of these. This one will go to an auction for a breast cancer fund raiser.


Pat Winter said...

Wiila, I'm doing a page of Boho bags in the magazine if you would like, I'd love to add yours. I need permission first. If not, I understand.
Great job, they are more fun to wear that they are to make...although I am addicted to making these...too addicted, I'm on Boho # 12.

kerrykatiecakeskeb43 said...

This is great Willa! I've been watching everyone making these as well. I hope it makes lots of money for the charity!

sharonb said...

Willa I am so tempted to make a boho bag too after seeing yours

Mandy Currie said...

Willa, your Boho bag is gorgeous, I would love to learn how to make one of these. Good for you, keep it up. Regards Mandy (mandycurrie@googlemail.com)