Thursday, November 10, 2011

Crazy Quilt Journal Project 2012

Hey Crazy Quilters, This project led by Kathy Shaw is similar to the Quilt Journal Pages and Bead Journal projects except it will involve crazy quilt blocks of at least 6 inches square! They can be larger, but not smaller and they can be shapes other than square, such as rectangular. Please read the website for the rules. The website is Project must be started in November. This is a good way to rev up your cq engines!!!

Participants should submit their registration information via email to to become a participant in the Project. Spread the word!! Let's flood the world with new crazy quilts!!

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Rosy A. said...

hi !! Willa is possible, Nathalie and me, make a crazy journal, (my english is bad) ..Nathalie live in Abu dhabi, in this moment...but with "skype" i see all my family (lol) is possible Nathalie speak with you for a proposition ..thank you Willa, kiss !!
my.e.mail :